Alpha Primary

Historical Summary

Alpha Primary School is situated in Bell Road Gelvandale in the Northern Areas of the Nelson Mandela Metropole.  This school opened its doors in the year 1961 and is currently 55 years old.  The school’s first principal was Mr. T. Mackay, who headed it for 29 years.  Dr. C.A. Hendricks is the first female principal and is goal-driven, dedicated and passionate about her principalship.

Alpha is a non-school fees paying institution in a sub-economic community which accommodates indigent learners.  The staff members are very dedicated and always strive to deliver work of a high standard.  The various sportcodes offered at the school are:  rugby, cross country, soccer, cricket, mini-cricket, netball and March + Drill.  Our learners are excelling in the codes offered.

Our extra-mural activities are our school choir, Spelling-Bee and WOW (Woorde Open Werelde).  The school boasts with a computer lab with 19 laptops and we are in the process of expanding our lab to accommodate 35 pupils each one with their own laptop.  

My vision as Principal of Alpha is to meet the needs of all the learners and to develop them holistically.  As a school our mission is the acquisition of  a school hall and a mini-bus to transport our learners to the various sport codes.

We would also like to stock our Library with more books enabling our learners to utilize it to either do their homework or complete projects in it.